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It’s amazing how much you can look forward to and enjoy something that you absolutely hate, like washing dishes, if you haven’t had a kitchen in 3 weeks.

After we installed new kitchen cabinets (took out the old, put in the new, waited for missing pieces, and still waiting on pieces), we finally got the countertop base ready for a sink.  Three weeks without a sink.  Every dish in the house was dirty or in a tub waiting to be cleaned because we thought it would be done in a few days.

We finally got the counter base put in and dropped the sink into place.  It was time for water and we actually ENJOYED washing dishes.

Well … truth be told … Amy is washing dishes and I’m bloggin about our new sink.  🙂

Banner Elk, NC has become our new home and the new house has been undergoing some type of work for the last three months.  The kitchen was last because the cabinets had to be custom built.  We’re almost there and pictures will be coming soon.

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Banner Haven Bed and Breakfast
509 Beech Mountain Parkway
Banner Elk, NC 28604