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It’s not every day you’r walking through the woods and run across the remains of a Cessna plane crash site, but that’s just what happened to the children of a Banner Haven visitor.  Landon and Amelia Albrick were visiting with their mother and decided to explore the woods and creek behind the Creekside Cabin.  It wasn’t long before they came running out of the woods exclaiming that a plane had crashed and the wreckage was still there.

Everyone was a little skeptical but the kids insisted and we followed for a closer inspection and to discover what was really going on.  They said the crash site was just behind the neighbors property on the other side of the creek.

This is what we discovered, a Cessna 172 fuselage, wings, tail, wheels and more.  The motor was missing along with some other parts but most of the plane was at the crash site.

We looked for bones from the pilot but apparently the pilot escaped.

Our theories started and and the kid’s minds went wild; drug plane, secret mission, unknown crash site and more.  I’m sure the truth is far less exciting but it’s fun – nonetheless – to find a crashed plane in the woods behind your house.  Most kids come home with beer bottles, tin cans, or some other kind of trash.  These guys brought the wind tip from a Cessna.

The internet is filled with information but we found nothing on a plane crash in Banner Elk, NC and we ever put in the plane’s N Number from the tail.  The mystery continues..  If anyone know the story behind the crash, please post it for us to read.  Otherwise the kids will continue to look for bones.

One of the best things to do around Banner Elk is hiking and there are lots of places from well known trails to little know treks and hideaways.  Come on up to the NC Highcountry and discover the unknown.  Maybe you’ll discover the next plane crash or gold reserve hidden in the mountain woods.

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