Whip Whitaker is a veteran pilot with a drinking problem, who miraculously lands a defective airliner. Heralded as a hero, he soon becomes a villain when alcohol is found in his system hours after the crash landing.

The movie takes a close look a a main struggling with a choice but leaves the door open for the viewer to decide the ultimate fate of the character.

This is being called a “high-concept thriller” but feels more like a drama at times. If you’re looking for an exciting, edge of the seat thrill ride, save your money for the amusement park. This movie falls a little short of ‘thriller” in the opinion of this viewer.

To set the movie, the opening scene finds Whip in bed with a flight attendant, after a night of binge drinking. Oblivious to the pilot rule “12 hours – bottle to throttle” Flip snorts some cocaine, takes a swig of beer and heads for the airport. He is the pilot of a doomed Miami to Atalanta commercial flight.

While the airline and NTSB duplicate the plane’s malfunctions in simulators and not one other pilot os able to land, Flip is questioned and comes to realize he may face manslaughter charges for being drunk. He is forces to take a hard look at his life, which is pushed closer to the brink every minute.

The films only true suspense is based around Flip’s choice and future. He knows he was drunk. The flight attendant knows he was drunk. Flip’s lawyer knows he was drunk. But only Flip can make the choice to turn his life around and start over. Unfortunately, the decision is left up to the viewer.

The power of the movie is very great and the performances are strong. If you don’t mind making up your own ending, go see this movie. If you are like me, and prefer to be given an ending, when you pay $10 to see a movie, save your money and wait for the video.

The movie is good and Washington’s performance is excellent.

In Boone and Banner Elk, the closest theater in the Regal Boone Cinema 7, 210 New Market Street Center, Boone, NC.

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