Red Dawn – a remake of a classic

Patrick Swayze was well known for several films, Dirty Dancing, Road House and Red Dawn; the story of a foreign invasion on the US.

The recent remake of Red Dawn, stars Chris Hemsworth (Jed) as a marine leading his brother and a small band of local kids against an invading army. The movie has been made believable by our own wars in Vietnam, Korea, and other countries where kids pickup weapons and battle our soldiers.

Don’t look for a feel-good. This is a true-to-life film and follows a more realistic outcome than the original.

Jed leads a few football players and their friends escape into the mountains outside Spokane Washington when the North Korean Army invades the US after setting off massive Electro Magnetic Pulses to disable our forces and communications. The kids are forced to watch as the parents are punished for their perceived crimes. This leads them to start recruiting others and fighting.

While the movie follows the basic storyline of the original film, this version is its own. Red Dawn (2012) is not a duplicate of the 1984 version. Instead, director Dan Bradley (stunt coordinator on the Bourne films) leads the characters down a more realistic path of revenge and rescue to free their captured town. This unlikely band of heroes is a believable bunch. Imagine people you know. Imagine kids you know. Now imagine what they might actually do in this situation.

Unfortunately, the conclusions falls short, as more and more movies are. Bradley lets the viewer decide the final outcome. Unlike the original which provided a monolog at the conclusion, this film lets the viewer make up their own mind about the immediate future of the invasion.

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