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DHEC is always telling businesses how to do their job; how to wash clothes, how to clean rooms, how to make beds, and how to wash dishes.

A recent visit from the Avery County inspector gave us a quick education on many things, including how to make a bed.  Did you realized the government dictates how a bed is to be made in a hotel, lodge, or a Banner Elk Bed and Breakfast?  It’s true.  the inspector gave Azalea Inn a visit recently and said our beds weren’t made properly.

Apparently there is a right and wrong way to make a bed to the satisfaction of state regulators.  You can receive points taken off of your score for improperly making a bed.

The top cover and sheet must be folded down at least 6″ to meet state regulations.

One things keeps coming to mind … the fact that at some point our elected officials, representatives, and country officers wasted my tax dollars to decide the proper way to make a bed.  As mind blowing as it may seem, they took time to debate and decide the right and wrong way to make a bed.

Go figure.

On the same visit, we were told out dishwasher didn’t meet standards and had to be replaced, or our dishes would have to be sanitized by hand.

At least this one makes sense.  It has to do with public health and Azalea Inn was happy to comply with the installation of a new commercial dishwasher:


Mark Davis of Cornerstone Mechanical Service provided a refurbished commercial dishwasher.  Our new equipment washes and sanitizes dishes at 180 degrees.

Stop by on your next visit to Banner ELk and see our new appliance.

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